AeroAntique presents military aircraft instruments and other aviation-related artifacts from the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, for the restorer or collector interested in aviation history. Our inventory includes artifacts from aircraft of the US Navy, US Army Air Corps (i.e., pre March 1942), US Army Air Force (March 1942 to Sept 1947) and the US Air Force (post Sept 1947), as well as air forces of other nations, past and present.

Many items are listed with photos and description, but you’ll also find items by type, manufacturer, and part number on searchable tables. A master inventory list can be downloaded for future reference. Some helpful instrument reference documents are available to download as pdf’s.

Most items were procured by an instrument repair business during the 80’s-90’s in bulk buys during the closure/liquidations of US military air bases. You will also see several interesting artifacts procured for our ‘private collection’ (e.g. a Wimperis bombsight) that you might enjoy.

The mission is to get these instruments back into circulation for restoration projects or collectors where they can do some good. Proceeds are used to procure other interesting artifacts (e.g., that Wimperis bombsight), enjoy them, then eventually donate them to aviation museums when its time to close the door.