Jamie Trudeau started in New England almost 40 years ago restoring and refinishing all types of aircraft. He now owns and operates TWE with his wife Janet (whom he calls the “brains” of the operation). Thirteen years ago, Jamie relocated to the Florida sunshine and partnered with Dexter Aviation in Arcadia for the unique opportunity to concentrate on maintaining the aging T-28 fleet. Jamie bought out the complete operation in 2007 and relocated to Punta Gorda Airport (KPGD) in 2008, allowing us to “spread our wings’.

Through hard work and dedication, TWE has become the most-respected North American T-28 maintenance & restoration facility in the country. We are honored to include private owners, collectors and museums, among our valued clients. Our excellent reputation extends beyond North America to international clients in Australia, France, Switzerland, UK, South America and beyond.

Over the years, Jamie and his staff have restored and refinished over 800 aircraft. Several award-winning T-28 restorations have also been completed, gracing many a magazine cover. Techniques and craftsmanship were learned from old school artisans and been continually improved over the years. Jamie’s credentials include A&P, IA, ME & T-28 rating.

Gearhead Driven Design. That is our driving force, our passion. Django Studios is an automotive/aviation-centric design firm with clients ranging from Raybestos Brakes, Peak Antifreeze, Smithfield Foods, Snap-On Tools to the Commemorative Air Force and EAA. Projects include trade show design, apparel, marketing, advertising and in-store display. With a deep seeded passion for Warbirds and aviation history, we have been fortunate to have been chosen to design and paint nose art for the CAF and the Grissom Air Museum.

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Come fly like the aces of yester-year in the Premier Fighter-Trainer of WWII, the North American T-6 TEXAN! Also known as the SNJ or Harvard, over 70% of the Allied pilots received their fighter training in these aircraft. Whether you want a thrilling aerobatic adventure or a smooth straight & level flight, the experience is completely tailored to you. Take the controls in the front seat and our experienced instructors will teach you everything about flying this piece of history. Don’t miss this opportunity to fly the legendary ‘Pilot-Maker’. 

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Dr. Stan Musick offers flight physicals at both his Fayetteville GA and Greenwood MS address.  As a Senior AME is he able to do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class medicals, and is happy to work with you on Special Issuance “problems”.  Our friendly staff has been at this same location for more than 20 years, and we are willing to assist you as much as possible to keep your medical “pain-free”.  Routine physicals can be scheduled by calling 770.460.8610.  Should you have a problem that will require more in-depth research and discussion, let Barbara know when you call and she will set you up for as much time as you need.

If you are one of our friends who needs WPS (Worker Protective Standards) medical clearance and respirator fit-testing, give us a call…we offer remote medical services and fit-testing.

Engine Mount Repair and Overhaul Center
1045 Gemini Road

Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, (AWI) was established in 1993 and is a world leader in general aviation aircraft exhaust systems and engine mount repair.

AWI is a service-oriented company dedicated to solving the repair needs of our individual customers. With our expertise and dedication to customer support, you will find that we are your best choice for aircraft exhaust system parts and engine mount repairs. We take pride in our experienced, dedicated & qualified team approach to every project. With skilled toolmakers, precision welders, accurate fabricators, quality craftsmen, supportive designers and a responsive management team. We are ready to help you succeed in keeping your aircraft safe, and in the air.

Stocking distributor of rivets and fasteners. Capable of manufacturing to old standards.
$25.00 min order. Credit cards accepted.


At Phighter Images using wood wings from early aircraft as Boeing Stearman brings art and creativity into our furniture.

Phighter Images owner, Kurt Eldrup—Born Hahn A.F.B. West Germany, A&P Mechanic, Pilot, s.e.l. c-172 spent 10 years in USAF, Illinois air national guard as crew Chief on KC135E Tankers and F16 Falcons aircraft in the Florida air national guard and served in 1990 gulf war based at Jedda Saudia Arabia. RockVally aviation maintenance college Rockford, IL. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona beach, FL. American Airline Maintenance college. He has spent 25 years as Auto body Technician and Auto body Painter restoring old cars and collision repair and painting aircraft and Harley’s bikes. Also has a company making painting holding products to help painter hold parts when painting called Eldrup painting products.

Kurt’s father a Ret. Brig General. Flew F4D Phantom in Vietnam 200 plus missions with 555 th at Ubon, Thailand. And commanding officer Robin Olds a triple ace commander. Then flew kc-97 tankers and kc -135 tankers for the Illinois air national guard for 20 yrs with a total of 27 years of service. And was the D O of the unit.Kurt mother was the president of the Illinois air guard officers wife’s club. Real story when Robin Olds came to Vietnam to become the commander of 555th  his first and 3rd mission in country he flew with my dad as he had been their some time with a 100 plus missions under his belt to show him the area. I read a article on Robin Olds the other day and his statement  was” PEACE IS  NOT  OUR PROFESSION ”

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Red Canoe was born in a bush plane over the pristine wilderness of Northern Ontario. Pilot and outdoorsman Dax Wilkinson started the company in 2002, by hand-sewing vintage airline logos onto caps and selling them at airshow stands in small towns across Canada. Our designs continue to honour heritage brands and their stories. We hope the adventures, dedication and achievements of those who came before will inspire new adventures with the ones you love most, in the places you love most. Visit http://www.redcanoebrands.com

AeroAntique presents military aircraft instruments and other aviation-related artifacts from the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, for the restorer or collector interested in aviation history. Our inventory includes artifacts from aircraft of the US Navy, US Army Air Corps (i.e., pre March 1942), US Army Air Force (March 1942 to Sept 1947) and the US Air Force (post Sept 1947), as well as air forces of other nations, past and present.

Many items are listed with photos and description, but you’ll also find items by type, manufacturer, and part number on searchable tables. A master inventory list can be downloaded for future reference. Some helpful instrument reference documents are available to download as pdf’s.

Most items were procured by an instrument repair business during the 80’s-90’s in bulk buys during the closure/liquidations of US military air bases. You will also see several interesting artifacts procured for our ‘private collection’ (e.g. a Wimperis bombsight) that you might enjoy.

The mission is to get these instruments back into circulation for restoration projects or collectors where they can do some good. Proceeds are used to procure other interesting artifacts (e.g., that Wimperis bombsight), enjoy them, then eventually donate them to aviation museums when its time to close the door.

maitland airport

Original and new made WW2 aircraft and tank parts, engines, props

15500 W. Telegraph Rd.

Restoration, Service, Parts and Sales of Vintage Military Avionics


Supporting Warbirds for 25 years!


Our shipping solutions have been used for a variety of applications in the aerospace industry. Our design and testing services ensure we will deliver the packaging solution that is right for your project. We custom design interior dunnage to keep items stable and damage free during shipping. Whether you are transporting wing ribs, or sensitive electronic components, we can help you develop a packaging solution that secures and protects your parts and equipment.


Protective Packaging specializes in protecting engines, equipment, and machinery from corrosion, electrostatic discharge, contaminants, ultraviolet rays and dust during shipping and storage. Our corrosion protection products and services consist of: anti-static and static shielding bags, flexible packaging materials, moisture barrier bags, military packaging materials, corrosion inhibitors, desiccants, humidity indicator devices, on-site packaging, packaging consulting, and custom-made packaging.

Plane Perfect is a complete line of aircraft detailing supplies for discriminating owners of fine aircraft. At Plane Perfect we have a passion for airplanes and couldn’t find products to suit our detailing needs. Everything on the market either didn’t work very well or was decades old formulas that could be improved for higher polish and more durability. We created a catalog of products that work on metal, fiberglass or fabric airplanes and provide a level of quality just not achievable with older formulas.

Thank you for visiting the Tin Goose Diner. This diner is authentic, built by the Jerry O’Mahony Diner Company of Elizabeth, New Jersey, in the 1950’s. It was originally operated as the Sunrise Diner in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

We became a permanent part of the Liberty Aviation Museum in 2012. We are located at the Erie-Ottawa International Airport (PCW) in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Aircraft parking is available behind museum hangar, provided that there are no special events or work/airplanes coming out onto our ramp from the hangar. If no parking is available, guests can taxi and park at the airport and inquire or call us about a FREE shuttle ride to the museum/diner.

***NOTE: If you plan to walk, please DO NOT walk in the grass area by taxiway or runways! Please take the sidewalk on the other side of the fence by the street. ***

We encourage you to view, and experience artifacts, vehicles, and aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation, and beyond while you’re here. (Museum admission required)

All proceeds from this diner help fund the operation of the Liberty Aviation Museum.

The Tin Goose Diner is open 7 days a week, year round! We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Breakfast is served all day except French toast & pancakes. Those are only served until 11am.

Open 7am-7pm (each day)

Please call to verify hours of the Tin Goose Diner or visit our website to verify hours during the fall-spring. Our hours do change throughout the year!)

Visit us at:
+41° 30′ 31.86″N
-82° 51′ 52.86″W

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