The Save The Voodoo 006 Campaign

Save The Voodooo 006
Earlier this year the Jet Aircraft Museum in London Ontario was awarded the opportunity to save a CF-101 Voodoo jet that is currently located in Cornwallis Nova Scotia. The retired Canadian Air Force jet represents a important time in Canada’s jet heritage and the Save Voodoo 006 project has been raising funds to save this unique jet.

Voodoo #006 was one of two of the last in service CF-101 Voodoos in 1987. On April 19, 1987, Voodoo #101006, made the world’s last Voodoo flight, going to CFB Greenwood, NB. The aircraft was then moved to its current resting and display place in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia at the Cornwallis Military Museum. However, the aircraft has been sitting outside since that time and the Cornwallis Military Museum has made the difficult decision to award the aircraft to another museum. That museum is the Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) at London International Airport in London, ON, Canada. JAM hopes to save Voodoo 006 by moving her to London and begin restoration.

Help Save The Voodoo 006.
Help Save The Voodoo 006. Click here to donate.
There is some great news coming from the Save Voodoo 006 fundraising campaign. Over the past three months they have raised $10,990 through online donations and just recently saw them secure a loan from a museum member for a further $10,000 to bring them extremely close to their $25,000 goal. With only less than $5,000 to yet be raised the team is hoping an planing to save Voodoo #006 yet this month and begin the process of aircraft restoration, till #006 becomes the best example of a Voodoo in Canada!
1045166_155876474600190_538970242_nThe Save Voodoo 006 team has been working hard lining up the specialized trucking need, as well as a crane for disassemble and are rounding up the rest of equipment needed, BUT THEY STILL NEED YOUR HELP to make this happen. With the campaign so close, the Save Voodoo 006 campaign still need you to become a part of the team and donate today to help bring Voodoo 006 home.With this great news we hope now more then ever that those who crewed or maintained this great aircraft as well as those who understand and value continuing to tell their story join the Save Voodoo 006 team in supporting this worthy campaign by donating, spreading the word or lending a hand in the coming month!


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