‘Doolittle Raid’ – Living History Event at Planes of Fame

Planes of Fame's B-25J known as 'Photo Fanny' aloft over Chino, California. (photo via Planes of Fame)

Planes of Fame's B-25J known as 'Photo Fanny' aloft over Chino, California. (photo via Planes of Fame)
Planes of Fame’s B-25J known as ‘Photo Fanny’ aloft over Chino, California. (photo via Planes of Fame)

The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California will be presenting another of its Living History Events on Saturday, April 4th. The event is open to the public of course. This month’s feature covers the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, the 73rd anniversary of which is fast approaching.

The presentations will of course be featuring the North American B-25 Mitchell, made immortal by the raid. T. Martin Bennett and Kevin Thompson will be the speakers, and the lecture will be followed by a question & answer period. The museum’s B-25J will be on display during the talk and hopefully perform a flight demonstration at the conclusion of the Q&A period. The Membership Sponsored Raffle Flight will be in a designated vintage aircraft at 12:00 noon. Become a member to enter the raffle. All members are eligible to enter the raffle, but you must be present to win.

WHO: T. Martin Bennett – Mr. Bennett’s father was a commercial pilot and former fighter pilot, which is probably where his abiding interest in aviation came from. He has spent several years researching and writing the screenplay for Wounded Tiger, which revolves around the remarkable post-war relationship between Mitsuo Fuchida, who lead the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and S/Sgt Jacob DeShazer, one of the Doolittle Raiders who spent three and a half years as a Japanese POW.

While he has received a significant offer from a studio for the film, he elected to raise the funds independently to protect the integrity of the story. In the meantime, he decided to novelize the screenplay. The book came out last spring to very positive reviews and is endorsed by Ravi Zacharias among others. Film funding and the film are in serous development.

Kevin Thompson (POF Moderator and Aviation Historian) will also be giving a presentation on the Doolittle Raiders.

The following is a trailer for the film Wounded Tiger:

WHEN: Saturday, April 4th, 2015, 10am–12 noon: Speaker program & flight demonstration. Museum doors open at 9:00am.

WHERE: Planes of Fame Air Museum, 7000 Merrill Avenue #17, Chino, CA 91710

WHY: Planes of Fame Air Museum’s mission is to preserve aviation history, inspire interest in aviation, educate the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans. The museum sponsors regular events in the form of inspirational experiences, educational presentations, flight demonstrations, and airshows in fulfillment of this mission.

Planes of Fame Air Museum, ‘Where Warbirds Fly and Aviation History Lives’

For more information visit www.planesoffame.org

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